Peppermint Candy Shotglass 1.76oz - 12ct

Peppermint Candy Shotglass 1.76oz - 36ct
  • $30.99

Raise a glass to fun with these striking Peppermint Candy Shotglasses, a merry addition to any festive celebration!

Price per unit: $2.58

Product Details

Introducing the Peppermint Candy Shotglass — a whimsical twist on festive imbibing that blends the joy of the holidays with a dash of grown-up fun. These unique shotglasses, crafted entirely from the finest peppermint candy and adorned with classic red and white stripes, are the perfect vessel for your favorite spirits or even as a sweet treat on their own.

The dazzling design, coupled with the robust peppermint flavor, makes these candy shotglasses a conversation-starter at any gathering. They come individually packaged in eye-catching, holiday-themed boxes, making them an exceptional gift choice for those looking to spread some seasonal merriment.

Ideal for holiday parties, as stocking stuffers, or simply to bring a little cheer to your winter evenings, these Peppermint Candy Shotglasses are sure to make a statement. Whether for sale by impulse at the register or as a thoughtful token of yuletide joy, they embody the spirit of celebration.

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