Perugina Glacia Mints Candy - 6.6lb

Perugina Glacia Mints Candy - 6.6lb
  • $79.99

91 pieces per pound (600 total)

Price per pound: $12.12

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Ciao bella! These amazing Perugina Glacia Mints Candies are an exotic Italian treat that will make your mouth feel worldly. Wrapped individually, these powerful little mints pack the breath freshening power of the biggest in the candy world.

They make a great addition to any restaurant host stand, are an awesome mint to pass around the table after a dinner party, or can be kept in your purse for refreshing minty snacking. Their light, icy coloring and potent mint flavor have made them a favorite among many. Try out this bulk bag with 91 pieces per pound and say ''aaaaaah'' with a breath and mouthful of fresh taste.

SKU: Y340728

91 pieces per pound (600 total)

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