Big Rigs Trucks PEZ - 12ct

Big Rigs Trucks PEZ - 12ct
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Pez Big Rigs Trucks are so awesomely detailed, it might take a while to learn that the plastic toys also contain crunchy candy! A quirky PEZ dispenser in shape of an eighteen-wheeler rig makes a great addition to a birthday party and a boyish favor for a bachelor party.

Each plastic truck is a different color, but each freight compartment contains a perfect stack of tasty little PEZ tablets for your enjoyment. Tuck one in a backpack to deliver a special candy surprise! Wholesale PEZ Big Rigs come individually wrapped for easy use as stocking stuffers (or convenient resale on impulse shelves and in fundraiser).

Each packet in this bulk lot contains a truck-shaped PEZ dispenser and a packet of the familiar pressed-sugar candies, so the truck hauls candy goodness straight to your mouth! Bring your sweet tooth to the treat highway with this colorful novelty, the PEZ Big Rigs Truck.

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