PEZ Refills: Assorted, Chocolate, Cola, Sour - 12ct

  • $38.99

Pop back some delicious Pez candy and make sure to refill your dispensers!

6 cartridges per pack

Price per pack: $3.25

Product Details

Need some backup? Let these PEZ Candy Refills come to your rescue when your dispensers are running on empty. With six cartridges per pack and a ton of packs in every order, you'll be able to keep your mouth full of PEZ for a long, long time.

Do you have Disney character PEZ dispensers at home? Maybe Star Wars or Pixar? Whatever it may be, they'll all need a little help from PEZ refills once you've been snacking for a while.

If you are having a party or have just bought a ton of PEZ dispensers for presents or stocking stuffers, then stock up on these PEZ candies. With the mix of tart, crispy and crunchy fruity flavors, you can look forward to an amazing snack that everyone will love.


6 cartridges per pack

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