Pez Favorites Blister Pack - 12ct

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Surprise yourself with our Pez Favorites blister pack!

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Surprise yourself with our Pez Favorites blister pack! If you hate choosing just one theme, why not try for them all? This original collection brings together many of the most beloved characters featured in the Pez catalog. Each includes an individually packaged plastic dispenser with hinged character head and some pressed candy that fits right inside!

Anytime is a great time to enjoy Pez! Keep the best characters as collectibles or open one up, fill it and keep it with you as a quick snack. Our Pez blister packs also make a wonderful gift for kids! Wrap one up or add to your Christmas stocking stuffer list. Children will also love finding Pez dispensers in their Easter baskets. Hand them out as birthday party favors or earn serious street cred with the neighbors by giving them away on Trick or Treat night! From Disney Princesses and Hello Kitty to Marvel super heroes, you never know who you'll find in our Pez Favorites pack!

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