Pez Frozen Blister Packs - 12ct

Pez Frozen Blister Packs - 12ct
  • $35.99

A classic treat with a Frozen twist, PEZ® candy offers an assortment of snappy, zesty flavors in colorful, eye-catching packaging.

Price per unit: $3.00

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Now all your favorite Frozen characters are available as Pez dispensers! Our Frozen blister pack includes individually packaged Pez dispensers complete with tasty candy. Each includes the classic design with a flat foot base, hollow rectangular middle for storing candy and a character figure on top. This package features busts from this hugely popular animated film! You'll find an assortment containing Elsa, Ann and cute little Olaf!

Save time by using our Frozen Pez dispensers as party favors! Kids will love opening up their treat bags to find one of these hidden inside. They also make easy stocking stuffers at Christmas or can be hidden with the chocolate eggs and jelly beans in Easter baskets. Order a box or two to use as prizes in community fairs and school activities or save them as a reward when the kids are being especially well behaved at home. Anytime is a great time to let it snow with Elsa, Anna and Olaf Pez dispensers!

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