Pez My Little Pony Blister Packs - 12ct

Pez My Little Pony Blister Packs - 12ct
  • $37.99

Vibrant, colorful My Little Pony PEZ® dispensers and refills to energize retail operations with classic, zesty flavors.

Price per unit: $3.17

Product Details

My Little Pony Pez dispensers were inspired by the recreation of this classic cartoon! Each pack contains an assortment of characters in vibrant colors. Each is made out of durable plastic that can survive play time. Add candy and use as a fun storage container that doubles as a My Little Pony toy! Each includes Pez candy and an individually packaged character. You'll see all your favorites, like Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash!

Kids will love finding My Little Pony Pez dispensers in their party favors! Add them to treat bags or give as is. These arrive ready to give so they look good no matter how you dress them up. Add one or two to Easter baskets or use as holiday stocking stuffers. You can even order a few assortments to give away on Trick or Treat night! Keep Pez dispensers at home to give children an incentive to do their chores and homework.

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