Pineapple Taffy - 3lb

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65 pieces per pound (195 total)

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Pineapple taffy brings together the sweetest, chewiest confection with the citrus flavor of one of the world's favorite tropical fruits! Each bite is like a tasty walk through paradise.Wake up your taste buds and enjoy the smooth, irresistible texture that makes taffy so delicious. Every piece includes a gorgeous green exterior with a brilliant yellow middle. Every piece of pineapple taffy comes individually wrapped for freshness.The packaging is clear so you can admire the unique pattern and colors of each piece before you open it. Our bulk pineapple taffy gives you a huge number of pieces that are ideal for events, parties, holidays and picnics.Add them to stylish serving dishes at high class events or keep them in your candy jar at home or the office. Enjoy an all pineapple taffy mix or check out our other bulk taffy packages to build your own custom candy assortment!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K330909

65 pieces per pound (195 total)

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