Pink American Gummy Fish - 5lb Strawberry

Pink American Gummy Fish - 5lb Strawberry
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Our pink gummy fish may look similar to salmon, but they offer a sweet taste that isn't the least bit fishy! This fun gummy candy is a must-try for any sugar lover. Each piece includes a realistic fish shape with fine scale texture, tail fin, back fin and a tapered head.

They look just like the classic Swedish fish - but in a brilliant pink color! Each pink American gummy fish (not Swedish) features a sweet strawberry flavor. Fruit fans must sink their teeth into this shapely treat. Our bulk pink gummy fish include many pieces so you can easily use them for parties, gatherings, picnics and events.

They look gorgeous next to ocean or beach themed decor. Place them in bowls on tables or use them to create fun party favors or wedding favors so guests have something tasty to take home with them after the event. Our American gummy fish are also available in purple grape and blue raspberry flavors.

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