Light Pink Foil Hearts - 10lb Bulk

Light Pink Foil Hearts - 10lb Bulk
  • $125.99

55 hearts per pound (550 total)

Price per pound: $12.60

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Dazzle guests or loved one with the gorgeous shimmer of our light pink foil heart chocolates! This practical treat offers gourmet flavor in a beautiful package. Impress everyone with a stunning presentation and a decoration that can literally be eaten!

Pour them into glass bowls or jars and set out on tables at a reception or birthday party or use them as elegant Easter basket candy. Each light pink foil heart includes a mouthful of solid gourmet chocolate. The shape includes a basic heart with curved sides and a pointed bottom.

The back is flat while the front is three dimensional to provide a thicker profile and more chocolate in every piece. A thin layer of light pink foil covers the surface, adding a metallic shine to the finished product. Our bulk light pink chocolate hearts are just one of the many colors we offer! Use pink alone at girls birthday parties or baby showers or combine with our other foil covered heart colors.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: O350610

55 hearts per pound (550 total)

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