Lite Pink Foil Hard Candy - 5lb

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65 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $4.00

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Treat your taste buds to tutti frutti flavor with our light pink foil wrapped hard candies! This simple treat is great for any occasion. Hard candy is popular because it last a long time and is really easy to take with you.

Grab a handful and bring along while running errands. Hide them in your desk drawer so you have an easy sweet snack while at work. Our hard candy comes individually wrapped in a gorgeous metallic foil. This version features a brilliant pink hue that makes each piece look luxurious.

Hard candy wrapped in foil looks stunning in candy dishes and jars. Offer to customers by leaving them at the counter (or wherever you do business). Use them to create beautiful wedding favors or add them to baby shower favors for girls! Our bulk pink hard candy package gives you plenty of bite-sized pieces for gift giving, sharing or simple snacking.

SKU: O350114

65 pieces per pound

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