Pink Unicorn Pops - 24ct

Pink Unicorn Pops - 24ct
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Price per lollipop: $2.17

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When you look at a colorful pink and white striped Unicorn Pop the first thing you will do is smile. You will be quickly reminded of a carnival atmosphere and all of the delicious food and fun that you find at a fair. The wild bubble gum and pink lemonade flavor will keep your mind thinking about fun and your heart thinking about being young.

These are fantastic party favors for any child's birthday or even to add a little personality to a baby shower or other themed kind of party. The packaging is as great as the candy, with bright vibrant colors all eyes are drawn towards the unicorn pops which makes them a great purchase for retail sale, they look as good as they taste. You don't have to like unicorns to find the joy contained within each of these wonderful pink and white treats. They bring a carnival of fun to every person and put magic in their heart.

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