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Even if you flunked geometry in high school, there's no way you won't get an A++ when you bring one of these Plastic Hex Jars home and stuff if with handfuls of tasty treats. In the shape of a hexagon (that's 6-sides if you need to freshen up on your math knowledge) and complete with a pretty clear lid, these Plastic Hex Jars really make your candy look stylish and cool.

Stuff a Plastic Hex Jar with candy in a sundae bar you're providing at a birthday party. Order some Plastic Hex Jars to use at a fundraising benefit to fill up with goodies and auction off to hungry and generous patrons. Even order a Plastic Hex Jar to keep around the house, on the kitchen counter for guests and family members to grab a snack from whenever they want. The style and function never ends with this lovely and geometric candy display jar.

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