Pop Rocks Candy Cane - 18ct

Pop Rocks Candy Cane - 18ct CandyStore.com
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Candy Cane Pop Rocks are a unique carbonated confection that literally pops and crackles when eaten. Each box contains individual pouches that contain crystal pieces with a sweet, peppermint flavor. Simply pour on the tongue to experience a tickling sensation that dissolves as you snack.

Our candy cane Pop Rocks are a great way to introduce this retro candy into your holiday festivities. Kids won't be able to resist the promise of a treat that comes alive when eaten. The Christmas themed pouch design looks even better when sticking out of the fur lined top of a stocking.

Tie them on to wrapped presents or use to fill up Christmas party favors for kids. Businesses and schools can hand these fun treats out during holiday events and activities. Hide a box of bulk Pop Rocks in the pantry to give to the children as a quick snack. Our Christmas Pop Rocks are also a must-have for New Year's parties!


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