Pop Rocks Bubble Gum - 24ct

Pop Rocks Bubble Gum - 24ct CandyStore.com
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The countdown to detonation has begun! The moment you open these Pop Rocks Bubble Gum candy packets and lift them to your mouth, you'll have 3. . 2. . 1. . . seconds until they explode on your tongue!

However, don't fret too much. Once you survive the blast of the bursting rocks, you'll be able to chew down on delicious bubble gum. We call that a delicious calm after the storm and think you will too once you get a taste. Make Halloween for trick-or-treaters even more exciting this year with an order of these classic Pop Rocks.

Or make your little ones smile at home by trying these Pop Rocks Bubble Gum for the first time. The choice is yours. Just get ready for fire in the hole!

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