Pop Rocks Dips - 18ct

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A fun part of pop culture history!

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Pop Rocks Dips is a unique treat that's carbonated! If you love the fizzy feeling of soda pop, then you'll love the intense crackle produced by these sweet treats.

Original Pop Rocks were introduced in 1975. They literally became a part of pop culture history! No other candy offers a literal explosion in your mouth. Pop Rocks would be the inspiration for other "popping" candies, though none could surpass the original's popularity!

Our Pop Rocks Dips includes a colorful box that contains several individual pouches of this crystal-like candy. A lollipop is included and can be dipped in the pouch to make eating even more exciting! Our bulk Pop Rocks Dips give you large quantities that are convenient for birthday parties, holidays and more.

Use them as stocking stuffers or hand them out during school activities. Children will love the popping sensation and sound that comes from every mouthful of Pop Rocks Dips!

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Flavor List

Blue Raspberry, Sour Apple, or Sour Strawberry.

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