Pop Rocks Sugar Free - 24ct

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Sugar free Pop Rocks are one of the coolest candies you will ever eat! Every single bite is like a rockin' party in your mouth. Pop Rocks were first introduced in 1975. Due to a short shelf life and lack of interest, the candy was pulled by the 1980s.

This exciting confection wasn't done yet, though. They were reintroduced and quickly became the popular treat that is still sold throughout the country today! Unstoppable Pop Rocks come in flat pouches that contain a serving of small, crystal candy. When they reach your tongue, these little poppin' rocks start to dance and crackle!

Pop Rocks literally pop as you eat them. You get the sweet flavor of juicy strawberry and the popping sensation that makes taste buds tingle. Our Sugar free Pop Rocks offer a tasty alternative that's easier to fit into your daily diet. Don't give up your favorite classic candy just because you want to live healthier. Instead reach for our bulk sugar free Pop Rocks!

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