Potato Chip Milk Chocolate Covered - 3lb

Potato Chip Milk Chocolate Covered - 3lb CandyStore.com
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If you're craving something salty and sweet, you need to sample the luxurious taste of our chocolate covered potato chips! For years, potato chips and chocolate were considered two separate snacks that should not be combined.

Now we know that the blend of rich sweetness and savory salt is a winning combination that will keep you reaching for another bite!

Our bulk chocolate covered potato chips begin with a crisp, textured chip that's smothered in a gentle coating of high quality milk chocolate. Each bite offers that crunch you love with a hint of sweet chocolate. These unique potato chip candies also make great gifts!

Wrap them up for a birthday party or use them in shower or wedding favors. Serve them during the Super Bowl or add to a bowl to offer guests who stop by. Any occasion is the perfect time to enjoy crunchy milk chocolate covered potato chips!

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