Powder Blue Pearl Sixlets Candy - 2lb

  • $79.99

Lovely powder blue pearl Sixlets!

540 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $6.67

Product Details

You have never seen Sixlets candies that look as breathtaking as our powder blue pearl pieces! This bulk candy package contains a generous helping of gorgeous azure orbs that can be used many ways. Incorporate them into wedding favors, display them as edible decor or set them out in glass bowls as a simple yet festive sweet treat for guests. Everyone will be impressed by the sleek, inviting shine of each round candy!

Every Sixlets pearl piece produces a gentle iridescent glow that looks stunning in any lighting. Our powder blue version is also perfect for baby showers and other child-related events. We make it easy to get as many Sixlets as you need with our convenient bulk candy packages! You get a large quantity that maintains the quality and look throughout so every bite is just as good as the last. Impress guests with a timeless chocolate treat that comes with a high class look. Our pearl Sixlets will turn favors and food tables into works of delicious art!

SKU: O349599

540 pieces per pound

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