Psychedelic Sour Jawbreaker Basket - 110ct

Psychedelic Sour Jawbreaker Basket - 110ct
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Giant jawbreakers shift from one sour flavor to another as you suck away the layers of color. How many layers can you get through? Awesomely packaged in a farm-style basket, these bulk Psychedelic Sour Jawbreakers look like they are trying to innocently disguise themselves among the produce at a fruit stand. But you will be wise to their delicious tricks.

Sour hard candies are an overlooked essential among the candy buffet food groups. The individually wrapped wholesale candies with their colorful speckles are a great addition to a candy buffet and a perfect Halloween candy for older kids.

Famously long-lasting jawbreakers offer a palate cleanser between chocolates and a takeaway treat after chewy gummies. The Psychedelic Sour Jawbreakers are also great lunch bag treats on a birthday, because they suit modern tweens taste for mouth-puckering sour sweets, and they will last all recess long - at least! Offer sour jawbreakers in classrooms and at cocktail parties to get the same delighted reactions.

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