Pumpkin Face Taffy - 3lb

Pumpkin Face Taffy - 3lb CandyStore.com
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In your face! In your Pumpkin Face Taffy that is. These candies will smile right back at your all the way until they make it into your mouth to be chomped, chewed, and savored. That's because these happy little jack-o-lanterns feature adorable smiling faces against a bright orange taffy and are ready to remind you of the fun of the Halloween season.

Grab yourself a bag of Pumpkin Face Taffy and get ready to make any Halloween shebang that much more unique. Pumpkin Face Taffy make great additions to trick-or-treating candy bowls, household candy dishes during the month of October, and even in your child's lunch box to get their excitement going. Now, all you'll have to do is find a stellar costume to complement these Pumpkin Face Taffy when you pass the out this Halloween!


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