Pastel Purple Chocolate Almonds - 5lb

Pastel Purple Chocolate Almonds - 5lb
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Pastel Purple chocolate almonds offer a beautiful treat that is full of sweet and savory flavor! Each bite-sized piece starts with a delicious almond that's covered in a layer of smooth, irresistible chocolate.

The outside is covered in an additional layer of candy to produce that deep, dark purple hue. The surface creates a luxurious shine that enhances visual appeal and makes these chocolate almonds perfect for special occasions. There are so many ways to serve our bulk chocolate almonds. Our single color package lets you stick with a theme or color scheme. Use them to create elegant wedding favors or to fill birthday party treat bags.

Pour into a decorative bowl to serve right on guest tables. Everyone will love the soft chocolate outside and crunchy nut center! We also carry chocolate almonds in a rainbow of other colors, including baby blue, pink, pastel green, red, white, yellow, black and other hues with a pearlescent finish.

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