Purple Whirly Pops - 24ct Displays

Purple Whirly Pops - 24ct Displays CandyStore.com
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Purple Whirly Pops are chock full of grape flavor!

Price per lollipop: $3.96

Product Details

Calling all grape fans! These Purple Whirly Pops Displays are chock full of grape flavor and amazing sweetness that your heart desires. Plus, they come in a nifty display box that stands the Purple Whirly Pops straight up so they can be admired before they're devoured.

Set some of these beauties out at your next backyard BBQ and watch your guests flock to their side to gobble them up. They'll smile and ask you where you got such a fun candy and you'll smirk to yourself remembering how wise you were to buy them in bulk from CandyStore. com. Now make that fantasy come true with your very own order of these Purple Whirly Pops today!

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