Push Pop Triple Power - 16ct

Push Pop Triple Power
  • $52.99

Extra hidden sweetness to push to the top and enjoy!

Price per pop: $3.31

Product Details

The problem with most lollipops is that when you get to the end, there's nothing left. However, with these incredible Push Pop Triple Power candies, you'll have extra hidden sweetness to push to the top and enjoy! Now we call that happily ever after.

All you have to do is slip these mega push pops over your finger and enjoy! This interactive feature makes this particular sweet stand out above the rest. Bring some home to dish out at birthday parties and wow the young boys and girls. Add some to a candy gift basket to surprise someone you love with a classic and fun sweet. Even order yourself some of these Triple Power Push Pop lollipops if you have a craving for a candy of your youth.

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