Rainbow Milk Chocolate Hearts Madelaine - 5lb Bulk

  • $96.99

A colorful alternative to traditional red chocolate hearts, these rainbow-colored milk chocolate hearts offer multiple merchandising opportunities.

60 hearts per pound (300 total)

Price per pound: $19.40

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Product Details

Rainbow Milk Chocolate Hearts are wrapped in vibrant, metallic colored foil and made with rich, dark Madelaine chocolate. We're absolutely wild about these Rainbow Milk Chocolate Hearts and are sure you will be too.

Do you have someone special you'd like to spoil for Valentine's Day? Are you celebrating a special anniversary soon? Do you have plans to walk down the aisle this year? If yes to any of the above (or any other special events) then you should order some Rainbow Milk Chocolate Hearts! They make great party favors, palate cleansers, dessert additions, and reception candy.

SKU: F314641

60 hearts per pound (300 total)

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