Rainbow Unicorn Pops 18-inch - 36ct

Rainbow Unicorn Pops 18-inch - 36ct CandyStore.com
  • $173.99

Eighteen inches of swirled rainbow lollipop goodness.

Length: 18-inches including stick.

Price per pop: $4.83

Product Details

What do you do if you can't decide which color Unicorn Pop to choose for your next event? Why not go with rainbow! Our Rainbow Unicorn Pops offer the same irresistibly sweet taste with all your favorite colors featured on every lollipop.

A Unicorn Pop includes a disposable stick with a long, tall twist of high quality hard candy on top. The spiral shape recreates the look of a classic unicorn horn - hence the unique name! We carry a wide variety of Unicorn Pops, including many that feature a single color and white.

The rainbow version is the only one that includes many colors. Taste green, yellow, orange, red and blue in every single bite! Our Rainbow Unicorn Pops are individually wrapped in clear plastic with the leaping unicorn logo. Our bulk lollipop pack gives you more pops to give to guests or to use in party favors for the kids!

SKU: U319675

Length: 18-inches including stick.

Price per pop: $4.83

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