Haribo Rattle Snakes Gummi Candy 5oz Bag - 12ct

  • $26.99

Haribo rattle snakes gummi candy in fun bags!

Price per unit: $2.25

Product Details

Rattle snake gummies may look dangerous, but they are full of super sweet flavor! Unlike the real thing, these slithery serpents won't take a bite out of you. Instead, you can nibble on each long, slender piece. Our Haribo snake gummies include a worm-like shape with serpentine head and rattle tail. Every inch is covered in bright colors, including green, orange and red!

Our snake candy is so tasty, you'll want to share it! That's why we offer a convenient bulk candy bag. You get more of your favorite confections with each purchase! Keep them at home so you have a quick go-to snack for the kids. These charming snakes love slithering into school lunches, too! Pour them into a bowl and enjoy at western themed parties, picnics or anytime you want to delight guests with the smooth, chewy taste of Haribo gummies! This snack is also fat-free so you can savor each bite without the guilt.

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