Raw Almonds - 5lb

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Raw almonds are a healthier treat that is packed with protein, fiber, zinc, vitamin E and calcium. This tree nut is also full of savory flavor with a smooth texture and natural outer layer.

Enjoy a snack that's better for you without sacrificing flavor by tasting our raw almonds! This popular nut is known for its many nutritional benefits which is why it's often used as an alternative to sugary candies. People with dietary needs like diabetes can satisfy hunger and live better by snacking on almonds! Our raw almonds are also a great choice for cooking. Use them to make natural recipes or serve as a garnish or cake decoration.

Raw almonds can be chopped, ground or eaten whole. Nuts are also a wonderful choice when making shower or wedding favors for events with an organic or nature theme. Take a package of bulk raw almonds to the office and help coworkers or employees live healthier while on the job!

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