Raw Cashews - 5lb

Raw Cashews - 5lb CandyStore.com
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Raw cashews are a natural snack that's full of rich flavor!

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Raw cashews are a natural snack that's full of rich flavor. Each piece includes an organic curved shape with a golden color and delightfully smooth texture. Tree nuts like cashews are a good source of iron, protein and zinc.

Fill your pantry with healthy snacks like our raw cashews! This delicious nut makes a tasty alternative to sugary treats that are full of calories and unhealthy ingredients. Our high quality cashews can be enjoyed many ways. Try them ground up and sprinkled on salads or slice them to cook with meats, pastas or vegetables. They even make a delicious decoration for cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Give a handful to the kids as a quick and healthy after school snack. Our raw cashews in bulk are also a better choice for individuals with dietary concerns as well as those trying to lose weight naturally. Eat better and feel satisfied with fresh cashews!

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