Razzles Original Candy - 24ct

Razzles Original Candy - 24ct CandyStore.com
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First it's candy, then it's gum!

Price per unit: $2.33

Product Details

Dare we say that these Razzles candies are dazzling? Because they absolutely are! Individually wrapped in personal sized bags, these Razzles candies disguise themselves as a fruity hard candy and then transform into gum! What an amazing magic trick that is.

If you like a candy that has the best of both worlds, then these Razzles will definitely do the trick with satisfying your taste buds. Up the deliciousness in your Halloween candy this year with a bulk order of these. Or add a few handfuls of Razzles to stockings or gift baskets to make every recipient smile with every bite of scrumptiousness.

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Flavor List

Original, Sour, and Tropical

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