Ant Candy With Real Black Ants - 24ct

  • $87.99

Real black ants trapped in hard candy!

Price per unit: $3.67

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This is Ant Candy with Real Ants. You read that right, REAL ants. Preserved in red cherry and green apple sugar, these itty bitty crawlers are ready to be gawked at, eaten, or used as gag gifts for friends.

Order some Ant Candy with Real Ants for April Fool's Day and you'll be the gag remembered by all of your victims. If you have little boys or girls who are into bugs, science, and of course, candy, then these Ant Candy with Real Ants are also an awesome choice to make them all squeal and laugh. Whatever you do with this bulk order of Ant Candy with Real Ants, you won't regret buying it!

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