Red Chocolate Almonds 5lb

Red Chocolate Almonds 5lb
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Attractively colored in a deep, lush lipstick red, Red Chocolate Almonds give a sensational look to evening events and are lovely piled in a crystal dish, where their glossy coatings create a fresh, tempting appearance.

Bulk chocolate-covered nuts are some of the most sophisticated sweets for candy buffets and cheese plates alike, so when guests enjoy the flavor and distinctive crunch of these red chocolate-covered almonds at receptions and dinner parties, you can be confident that your luxe selection will be noticed.

Wholesale Red Chocolate Almonds are a smart choice for weddings because their true color feels thematic and very swanky! They also make the most elegant Valentine's Day gift imaginable, a traditional candy present with a grown-up, luxurious flair that's absent from candies of lesser quality. Make your event an exquisite one with this multi-pound pack of chocolate-covered almonds.

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