Red Cherry Slices - 15.5lb

Red Cherry Slices - 15.5lb
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34 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $3.03

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Red cherry slices area great way to enjoy fruity flavor anytime you want it. The beauty of fruit candy is that it is both tasty and never over ripens. Each piece offers the same texture and flavor as the last. Each cherry slice includes a wedge shape with rounded edges.

A deep red color is used and hints at the look of fresh picked cherries. Our bulk red cherry slices are smooth and chewy. The surface is covered in a sugar coating that enhances the snacking experience. Pour these into a clear container to create a simple yet eye-catching display for parties or other events.

Our gummy cherry slices are also an excellent choice for party favors, wedding favors and much more! Hand them out during community events or keep them in your pantry at home so you have an easy treat you can grab while on the go. Everyone will love the juicy taste of our red cherry slices!

Sunrise cherry slices give you all the sweet flavor you want without digging through an assortment. Every piece includes the familiar wedge shape with round scalloped bottom and narrow front - just like a real slice of fruit! Cherry slices come in bold red and are coated in a delicious layer of sugar for added taste and texture.

Cherry lovers will rejoice when they discover this bulk candy pack! Get all the fresh picked cherry flavor you can handle by the pound. This chewy confection makes a quick snack anytime. Bring them with you or keep a bag anywhere you might start feeling snack-y. Sunrise cherry slices make a wonderful treat to share at work. It's sophisticated enough to impress clients but sweet enough to satisfy your inner child! Create beautiful wedding or baby shower favors by adding to tins or boxes or set them out at parties so guests can try these amazing cherry gummies during the celebration!

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34 pieces per pound

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