Red Chocolate Color Drops - 15lb Bulk

Red Chocolate Color Drops - 15lb
  • $158.99

Delicious milk chocolate drops with a red candy coating, perfect for candy buffets and repackaging.

500 pieces per pound (7500 total)

Price per pound: $10.60

Product Details

If you are looking for vibrant red candy for your special occasion or party this is just the candy that you have been looking for. These red chocolate gems have a red color to them that just seems to stand right out. This would even make a great option for a wedding even or a candy buffet. The shape as well as the size of them is very close to that of M&M's.

The inside of the candy is a milk chocolate and the outside of it is a candy shell which is red in color. These great red candies are sure to please your taste buds and they are also going to melt in your mouth. This is really a great option if you are looking for milk chocolaty treat that nearly everyone will be able to enjoy. After all what is not to love about milk chocolate and all that it has to offer?

SKU: K331126

500 pieces per pound (7500 total)

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