Red Hot Cinnamon Dollars - 7.5lb

Red Hot Cinnamon Dollars - 7.5lb
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Red hot cinnamon dollars are a nostalgic candy that's gone through a few changes since it was first introduced back in 1925. This longstanding favorite actually started as a soft raspberry chew. At the time, many trendy items were often described as red hot, which is why the name red hot dollars was often used (despite the lack of spicy cinnamon).

As decades passed, the name red hot became confusing for candy lovers. Expecting a cinnamon flavored candy, they were instead given a fruity raspberry treat. That's why candy makers decided to take the if you can't beat em, join em approach. They threw in the raspberry towel and remade red hot cinnamon dollars with cinnamon flavor (as you might expect!).

Each bite is still round, chewy and bright red, but offers a warm, sizzling cinnamon taste that will make your taste buds tingle. Our bulk red hot cinnamon dollars are a classic choice for parties, holidays and other events!

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