Original Red Hots Cinnamon Candy Mini Boxes - 24ct

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That strong cinnamon candy spice that can only be Red Hots!

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The original Red hots panned candy were introduced way back in the 1930s. Today they are still a hot item among candy lovers with their distinctive bright red color and smooth, round shape. Pop one in your mouth and experience the fiery sizzle that comes with intense cinnamon flavor!

Red Hots are not for the faint of heart! This confection will heat up snack time with bold cinnamon that lingers just long enough to make your taste buds feel the burn. Have a contest with friends to see who can tolerate a mouthful the longest! Red Hots are a fat free candy so you can still get your cinnamon fix without deviating from a diet. Take them to work and pass them around to see how coworkers fair with this tongue tingling treat. Our bulk candy is perfect for parties, holidays and other celebrations! Set them out for guests or give as part of a retro candy gift.

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