Red Hots Theater Boxes - 12ct

Red Hots Theater Boxes - 12ct
  • $34.99

Traditional treat that packs a powerful punch of fiery flavor!

5.5 ounces per box

Price per box: $2.92

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Red Hots candy are a traditional treat that packs a powerful punch of fiery flavor! This nostalgic treat is full of cinnamon for a snacking experience that sizzles. This is one confection that's not intended for the weak of heart (or the weak of taste bud!).

Each piece includes a dainty round morsel in bright red. Try just one or test your mettle by grabbing a handful and letting them all smother your tongue with intense cinnamon taste! The Red Hots we know and love today have been around for a very long time. This treat was introduced by the Ferrara Pan Company during the 1930s.

Their popularity has grown tremendously since then. Red Hots are a popular choice for use as a decoration for cakes, cookies or homemade candies. They are even used in apple sauce recipes! Our bulk Red Hots package contains many theater boxes that are perfect for holidays, events or family movie night.

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5.5 ounces per box

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