Red Vines Licorice Whips - 24ct

Red Vines Licorice Whips - 24ct
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A true classic, with fruity red licorice flavor!

Price per unit: $1.46

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Braid 'em. Mold 'em. Play Tarzan and Jane with 'em. Yards and yards of Red Vines Licorice Whips are ready to thrill imaginations and candy appetites, alike! With a classic, fruity red licorice flavor and irresistible chewy texture, this is an American classic your family is sure to love.

And with 24 individually wrapped ropes per box, the options are as endless as the licorice themselves. Red Vines have been roping customers in for over 9 years and still use candy making traditions from their early western beginnings. Suffice to say, our love story with this particular candy is a ''long'' one!

Certified Kosher Candy

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