Red Vines Snaps Bag - 12ct

Red Vines Snaps Bag - 12ct
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Give your taste buds the classic taste of licorice with a unique twist by taking a bite of Red Vines Snaps! This treat is absolutely irresistible! Red Vine, which belongs to the American Licorice Company, is a well-known brand to many candy connoisseurs.

While you may have tasted Red Vines Twists, Snaps offers something different that still features your favorite licorice candy.

Each bite-size Snaps includes a licorice filled center that's surrounded by a pastel coating of candy. Snaps were originally introduced to the world back in the 1930s. Adults may remember heading to the candy shop to buy the old 2 cent classic red boxes. Today you can get even more Snaps with our enormous bulk Snaps pack!

Each pack contains multiple peg bags filled with these colorful candies. Use them as stocking stuffers at Christmas, enjoy them at home or share them as a special gift for a fellow candy lover!

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