Reese's Sticks King Size - 24ct

Reese's Sticks King Size - 24ct
  • $58.99

3 ounces per bar

Price per unit: $2.46

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Normally the sequel is never as good as the original, but with these King Size Reese's Sticks, they're just as tasty as their peanut butter predecessors! With traditional peanut butter and milk chocolate, these King Size Reese's Sticks also add a couple layers of wafers to the mix to amp up the fun and textural experience. And in a fun stick form, you can chomp your way from end to end.

Bring home these King Size Reese's Sticks for a party, special event, BBQ, candy buffet bar or practically anything else that requires a sweet treat. If you love Reese's then you'll love them in any form. And if you love a little more crunch in your candy, then you'll go wild for these King Size Reese's Sticks.

SKU: R329222

3 ounces per bar

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