Retro Lollipops - 24ct

Retro Lollipops - 24ct
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On those days when you are feeling nostalgic break out these Retro Lollipops and you are sure to have iconic 70s phrases running through your head all day.

If you are a huge John Lennon fan and the song "Give Peace a Chance" is one of your favorites then the lolli with the peace sign on it should make you smile. Speaking of smiling, the bright yellow sucker with the smiley face on it has the power to brighten anyone's day.

So, enjoy it when you have had a stressful day or give it to a friend or coworker who is feeling a little down. The spiral Retro Lollipops will have the word "groovy" rolling off your tongue, and of course, you can't think of the 70s without a little "flower power. "

These Retro Lollipops are delicious and fresh. Their pretty colors make them ideal to tape on presents, put in a glass jar, or add to a floral bouquet. Whether you are planning a 70s themed party, or just want fun candy to serve when you have friends over for game night, these are sure to be a hit with everyone at the party.

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