Roasted Almonds Salted - 6lb

Roasted Almonds Salted - 6lb
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Roasted salted almonds are a savory and crunchy delight!

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Roasted salted almonds are a savory food with a touch of added flavor. Each piece includes a smooth interior with a light crunchy texture that's covered in an organic outer layer. This tree nut arrives roasted and salted to enhance eating enjoyment.

Whether you're looking to lose a few pounds or need to accommodate special dietary needs, roasted almonds are a wonderful snack. Instead of sugary confections, you can satisfy hunger pangs with the savory taste of classic salted nuts! Our bulk roasted almonds also make a great cooking ingredient. Add a touch of salty flavor to cakes, cupcakes or dinners.

They can be eaten whole or chopped, sliced or ground to create an entirely unique experience each time you prepare a meal or make your favorite recipes. Roasted salted almonds are also a smart after school snack for kids! They get more protein and fiber and feel satisfied between meals.

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