Rock Candy Crystal Sticks - 120ct Wrapped

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This candy is colorful and exciting!

Length: 6-inches each (4-inches of rock candy)

Price per unit: $1.36

Product Details

This candy is colorful and exciting. It is fun to eat for children and adults alike. It looks like crystal rock. The taste is sweet and sugary. This candy is great for parties, Halloween, and even stocking stuffers. Some flavors of this great exciting candy included pink cherry, blue raspberry, red strawberry, white natural plain sugar, light blue cotton candy, and even light green watermelon.

These candies are also individually wrapped so that they are sure to stay fresh until you are ready to partake. They also come on a convenient stick for your eating extravaganza. Surprise your family and friends with this special treat at your next gathering, as it is sure to bring delight to them. These are even great for companies who are looking for a great item that they can resell in their store. Rock candy sticks look just as great as they taste so you are sure to find pleasure in them!

SKU: U323876

Length: 6-inches each (4-inches of rock candy)

Price per unit: $1.36

Flavor List

  • Pink Cherry (24 sticks)*
  • Purple Grape (24)
  • Red Strawberry (18)
  • Blue Raspberry (18)
  • Light Blue Cotton Candy (12)
  • White Natural Plain Sugar (12)
  • Light Green Watermelon (12)

*Distribution of each color may vary per unit.

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