Assorted Rock Candy Crystals - 5lb

Assorted Rock Candy Crystals - 5lb
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What gets a party started? Sugar gets a party going and the best kind of sugar to get is Assorted Rock Candy Crystals. One of the reasons that people enjoy this type of candy is because when candy is crystallized like this the result is the sweetest pure sugar treat a person has ever tasted. The appeal is not only in your taste buds but visually as well. The assorted crystals come in all conceivable colors and look like a bowl of rainbow colored rocks. These are delicious edible, tasty rocks that will redefine the meaning of fun. Fortunately buying a big bulk bag of this treat will help to decorate all around a party. Some people like to use this candy to flavor their tea or coffee, but most people just love to munch and crunch this delicious candy treat. If you are planning a party and want it to be the best possible, then provide the tasty sugary dish that everyone will love Assorted Rock Candy Crystals!

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