Brown Rock Candy Sticks - 120ct

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Rock candy is the purest way to enjoy sugar!

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Rock candy is the purest way to enjoy sugar. These dazzling treats are both beautiful and mouthwatering. That's why they are so popular when it comes to events, parties and more. Each length of glistening sugar crystals is attached to a wooden stick with ball end.

Stand them upright in a vase or apothecary jar to create a stunning display you can set out at weddings, showers and birthdays. They can also be used to fill party and wedding favors so guests have something to enjoy after the festivities!

This version comes in a dark, sultry amber brown. The base is lighter with a darker tip that looks eye-catching while each crystallized sugar facet reflects light. It's like eating pure gemstones that just happen to taste like sugar! Our bulk brown rock candy sticks are the easiest way to get large quantities for any gathering. Place your order today so you can find more ways to share brown rock candy!

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