Violet Rock Candy Sticks - 120ct

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A delicious berry flavor makes Violet Rock Candy Sticks as delicious to munch as they are pretty to display! A sparkly alternative to lollipops, Violet Rock Candy Sticks make fantastic magic wands, princess scepters, and conductor's batons.

As well as glitzy candy drink stirrers in cocktails or mocktails if your party is for a more grown-up crowd. Blueberry-flavored bulk rock candy lollies come in boxes big enough to serve a large number of guests with sparkle on a stick. Glittering in a warm purple hue, Violet Rock Candy Sticks lend a regal touch to a display.

Their royal coloring is indulgent and elegant as light shines through the translucent crystals of the rock candy. These wholesale rock candy suckers look elegant in gift boxes and baskets as well as in a vase for a glamorous sweet bouquet.

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