Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks Pack - 10ct

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Grownups can still enjoy their favorite rock candy flavors with our rock candy swizzle sticks! Each serving includes an elegant wooden stick that's tipped in a generous gathering of shiny sugar crystals.

It's the purest way to eat sugar (without grabbing handfuls from your baking supplies!). Our swizzle stick rock candy comes in a stylish package so it looks eye-catching from the moment you take them out of the pantry.

While children love to chow down on hard sugar crystals, adults can take a more mature approach to curbing sweet cravings. Make a cup of tea or coffee and add a rock candy swizzle stick!

Just place the sugary side down and watch as the gorgeous crystals melt to make your favorite hot beverage even more delicious! Each is crafted from pure cane sugar to offer the best taste in every sip. Each box of rock candy swizzle sticks contains multiple colors so there's something for everyone!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: O343297

Flavor List

Assorted, White, or Amber.

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