Rocky Road Bars Dark Chocolate Sea Salt - 24ct

Rocky Road Bars Dark Chocolate Sea Salt - 24ct
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If you love the rich flavor of Rocky Road ice cream, then you absolutely must try Annabelle's Rocky road candy bars!

This delicious treat consists of fluffy marshmallow and crunchy roasted cashews that are smothered in a satiny blanket of delectable dark chocolate. It doesn't have to be frozen and wont' give you an ice cream headache! Our bulk Rocky Road candy bar box contains many individually wrapped pieces.

The California-based Annabelle Candy Company started back in 1950 and is named after founder Sam Altshuler's daughter. While the Annabelle candy catalog contains 10 different products, it's the Rocky Road candy bars that are the most popular. It even ranks among the West Coast's top selling chocolate bars!

Enjoy them as a quick sweet snack at home, pack them in lunches or give them away during the holidays. Rocky Road candy bars placed in treat bags make a tasty surprise for party guests!

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