Rocky Road Bars Dark Chocolate Mint - 24ct

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A rich mix of delicious flavors in their handsome retro packaging, each Dark Chocolate Mint Rocky Road Bar makes a nostalgic old-time treat for those who remember these candy bars from their first production in the 1950s.

But this delectable candy bar, made from fluffy marshmallows and crunchy cashews robed in minty dark chocolate, is certain to excite the younger crowd who may not have encountered them before - the mix of chocolate and nuts is familiar, but the specific ingredients are a luscious, unusual combination!

These candy bars are best known on the West Coast, making them a novelty back East, but wherever you are, you are certain to enjoy the Mint Rocky Road Bars perfect nut, chocolate, and marshmallow mix. This box of wholesale Rocky Road candy bars makes a great high-value addition to a green-hued candy buffet, because their simple, classic wrappers in forest green hide the chocolate inside with an easy-to-match label. They are great hiking-trip bars, too - you will never miss home desserts when you have such a delicious sweet!

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