Rolo Candy Rolls - 36ct

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Caramel on the inside coated with wonderful chocolate!

Price per unit: $2.11

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Rolo's have been a favorite candy for many since childhood. It seems that these great candies have been around forever. After all what is not to love about them. They have caramel on the inside and are coated on the outside with wonderful tasting chocolate. These great candies also come in rolls so that you are able to open up, and just starting popping them in to your mouth.

These will be great for kids or adults. Many people will find that these are almost addicting as they are able to really please their taste buds. You can give these out as candy for Halloween or even use them for stocking stuffers at Christmas time if you are looking for something that nearly everyone is sure to enjoy. What better way to be able to get the great combine flavor of caramel and chocolate then to partake in Rolo candies.

Certified Kosher Candy

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